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4" Round Air Supply Ventilator - ASV-90

Item: COP41800
  • Installed through outside wall
  • Quick installation
  • No batteries, electrical wiring, or ductwork needed
  • Very DIY
  • Manual shut-off

4" Round Air Supply Ventilator - ASV-90

This supply vent is installed through an outside wall in less than 30 minutes. No batteries, ductwork, or electrical wiring needed. It features a manual shut-off. The round opening is 4" in diameter, and the square grates measure 5 1/2". If your house is a typical tightly-built modern home, you need an Air Supply Ventilator (ASV). Whether you have a kitchen fan, bathroom fan, dryer vent, fireplace, or woodstove, your home would benefit from installing one or more ASVs. Today's architects, contractors, and intelligent homeowners realize that proper ventilation is a necessary component for personal health and a healthy home. By bringing fresh filtered make-up air into your house from outside, ASV ensures your fireplace or woodstove operates efficiently, with no smoke leakage.

WARNING: Carcinogens: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

One-Year Warranty