Copperfield Committed $12 Million in 2023 to Our Loyalty Partners. Here’s How We’re Investing Even More In 2024

Copperfield Committed $12 Million in 2023 to Our Loyalty Partners. Here’s How We’re Investing Even More In 2024

Copperfield Committed $12 Million in 2023 to Our Loyalty Partners. Here’s How We’re Investing Even More In 2024

In our competitive industry, it’s no secret that standing out can be a real challenge. With so many options available for customers to choose, how do you ensure your business gets noticed? That’s where Copperfield steps in, offering a loyalty program designed to give your business the extra boost it needs to succeed.

As your partner in the business, we’re here to help you navigate the ups and downs of the market with high-quality products and benefits you won’t see anywhere else. And when we say we’re invested in your success, we mean it—in 2023, our leadership team committed $12 million to our loyalty program to ensure you have the resources you need to reach that next level.

Below we’ll dive into the details of how Copperfield’s loyalty program is making a real difference for businesses like yours.

Spotlighting The 2023 Loyalty Investment

As an example of how we support the hard work and dedication of our loyalty partners, here's a line item detail of our 2023 investment:

Co-Op Advertising: We allocated more than $1.1 million to local advertising and marketing to help build brand awareness.

Freight Value: We gave $8 million in free shipping to reduce the cost burdens of our partners.

Rebates: We returned over $2 million to our partners in end-of-year rebates.

Print & Apparel: We allocated $750K in apparel and print material.

Academy Fee Credits: We awarded $165K to our partners in educational credits to Copperfield Academy.

Loyalty Program Benefits

The Copperfield Loyalty Program is strategically designed to fit any size business partner. From Copper (the lowest tier) to Diamond (the highest tier), the loyalty program offers tier-specific benefits to help grow your business. If you're just learning of the benefits of our loyalty program, here's a quick breakdown:

Freight and Shipping: Partner benefits can range from discounted shipping to 100% FREE, based on your loyalty tier.

Year-End Rebates: This is where partners earn back 2% to 5% of total purchases in rebates at the end of the year.

Marketing Support: Every partner gets a percentage of Co-Op advertising to help increase your market share.

Educational Advantages: Copperfield Academy is an incredible resource of courses and materials available only to our partners––the Educational discounts are unique to our partners in the loyalty program.

What's New in 2024?

In 2023, our highest level of support was the Platinum tier. This year, in 2024, we’re introducing a brand new level of support: Diamond. For our Platinum members, the inclusion of the Diamond level is a welcome addition. That's because they get even greater benefits.

Diamond Service: We’re talking top-of-the-line exclusivity at its best, with top-tier freight benefits, the highest rebate percentages, and substantial Co-Op advertising allowances.

Enhanced Support: Even more dedicated support options, including prioritized customer service queues and access to project solution teams.

Leveraging Your Loyalty Benefits:

But the addition of the Diamond level isn't the only thing that's new in 2024. We've also recalibrated the thresholds and benefits across all levels. These changes are our commitment to helping each level unlock your potential:

To make the full use of your loyalty benefits, consider maximizing these strategies:

Maximize Your Rebate Potential: To do this, preplan your purchases. Thinking ahead will help you optimize the rebate percentages available at your loyalty tier.

Maximize Your Co-Op Advertising Allowances: Take advantage of Copperfield's years of experience. Work with us to invest in strategic advertising campaigns to expand your customer base.

Maximize Your Continuous Learning: Dive into the educational credits you earn. Your team is looking to you to keep your business growing. And that's where Copperfield Academy can be an invaluable resource.

Join the Program Today

If you haven’t enrolled in our loyalty program yet, or if you’d like to know how you can get to the next level of loyalty benefits, contact a Copperfield account manager today. Call 570-362-7464 to connect with us.

At Copperfield, your growth is our commitment. Let’s maximize your loyalty benefits together in 2024!

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