Copperfield Academy

At Copperfield, we believe the knowledge is power. At Copperfield, we believe being Your Partner in the Business means more than just delivering you the products you need, but always strive to provide you the ongoing training you deserve to grow and expand your business. As the industry evolves, you can count on Copperfield to provide the most updated technical education and business building classes from the experts you can trust!

Past Topics Include:

• Employee Retention
• Hiring/Employee Development Coaching
• Value Selling
• Maximizing Efficiencies In All Organization Sizes
• Selling Premium Product
• Acquiring & Selling


Chimney Relining Workshops

• Class A transition and extensions
• Base terminations and connections
• Smoke chamber transitions and reconstruction methods
• Insulating liners in the field
• Clay liner removal methods
• Liner top terminations including caps, dampers, and chase covers



Basic & Intermediate Masonry Training

• Recognizing masonry defects and their cause, and proposing the repair
• Learn to bid masonry jobs for safety and profit
• Learn how to set up a job safely
• Tools needed for different job types
• Characteristics of mortar and how best to choose the correct mortar type
• Hands on brick laying
• Hands on joint finishing
• Code compliancy


Professional Inspection and Delivery Training

• NFPA 211 Levels of Inspection
• The Do’s and Don’ts of Chimney Inspection
• How to Perform a Level 2 Inspection
• Recording Your Inspection Findings
• Communicating Inspection Results to the Client
• Organizing Data
• Verbal Communication
• Written Reports
• Identifying Solutions
• Post Inspection Liability

Sweep and Scan Equipment Training

• Why a camera system is a must have
• Understanding top cameras with side-by-side comparisons
• Sweeping history
• Push, pull, or spin
• Rods and brushes
• Optimal sweep head usage
• Pellet and dryer paraphernalia
• Operational safety
• Data management